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25. Oktober 2011
von Lise Rebout
Kommentare deaktiviert für Wilfried-Tuszynski


Sad News: Wilfried Tuszynski passed away on 23rd Oct.2011.
The ceremony will be at 09 am in the morning on Friday, 28th Oct.2011, at the cemetary Zietenstrasse , Oldenburg i.O., Germany

From 1984 to 2004 he was working at the Research Units Molecular and Biophysics, and lately at Ultrafast Nanooptics on Experimental Laserphysics.

Specifically, starting 1987 with a iarge funding by the German Science Ministery he built a group to work on matrix.assisted Laser desorption (MALDI) and fast heavy ion induced mass spectrometry (HIID or PDMS, 'plasma desorption mass spectrometry'.

He built several laser- and PDMS-spectrometers, notably, together with Karl Wien from the Technische University Darmstadt, a PDMS designed to cut and measure ice samples in an ultrahigh vacuum, which were beforehand frozen at a remote ocean site.

The understanding of the dynamic (nonthermal) process of fast and thus cold ionization/desorption by bombarding Cf-252 fission fragments on a suitably designed matrix-embedded sample, the formation of a 'plume' of ions, and the interpretation of the resulting time-of-flight spectra was one of his great contributions to physics, presented at various international conferences and workshops.

His publications can be inferred from the respective list of the Research Units.

Notably for the very fruitful collaboration in the field of PDMS with the theoretical physics (small systems) group, many nice publications and conference contributions arose (see some of them.

He was a great and highly engaged supervisor of young students guiding their examen works, including some in conjunction with the Theory group.

At the Institute for Physics he was its director in 2004.

He co-organized the International Workshop on PDMS and Marine Organic Chemistry at Spiekeroog, 1989 and co-edited the proceedings with the title Mass Spectromety of Large Non-Volatile Molecules for Marine Organic Chemistry, published by WORLD SCIENTIFIC, ISBN: 981-02-0250-4 Pick It! . Besides, I had the privilege to sail Wilfried to that little Island as well as to the Mass Spectrometry Conference in Amsterdam, and to take samples from the North Sea..

25.Oct.2011 Eberhard R. Hilf

Karlheinz Maier, Dirk Otteken (for AG MOBI), Christoph Lienau (AG UNO), Eberhard R. Hilf (former AG Theoretische Physik III: Small Systems), all at Institute for Physics, Carl von Ossietzky University at Oldenburg, Germany.

Your comments here will be public and shared with Wilfried's wife Klara. For snailmail: Klara Meierhöfer, Konradstr.21, D-26131 Oldenburg.
She wants that you replace eventual flowers by a donation to Medicins Sans Frontiers MSF (Ärzte ohne Grenzen) (Bank für Sozialwirtschaft: Account: 97097, BLZ: 370205 00) payment on behalf of Wilfried Tuszynski; BIC: Geschäftsstelle Hamburg 25120510 BFSWDE33HAN .

Offical Mail could go to the Director of the Institut für Physik, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, D-26111 Oldenburg, Germany

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Reference lists for publications by Wilfried Tuszynski:

(1) with AG MOBI, and former students and members of MOBI.
(2) some of them jointly with the Theory Group